Representatives from Russian businesses operating in the field technological renovation paid a working visit to Vietnam from April 12-19 to enhance economic cooperation among businesses.

The visit is part of the long-term project “Russia-Vietnam: emerging economies” which was implemented since April 2012 under the sponsorship of the State Duma of Russia.

Project manager, Strozaeva Lubov Viktorovna said economic, trade and technological cooperation between Russia and South East Asian nations have been strengthened in recent years, particularly in fields such as economics, national defense, science, technique and education.

Apart from carrying out major projects of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from both nations, Vietnam-Russia technological cooperation at the government level has been enhanced.

The projects underway in Vietnam focus on bolstering technological cooperation, trade and investment between the two countries, supporting technological transfer, and applying new technologies in dynamic SMEs.

The Russian delegation will introduce Vietnamese partners to areas such as food industry, the environment, information technology in energy, medical equipment production and have bilateral and multilateral meetings with Vietnamese senior officials.

Source: VOV Online