Russia currently has 97 initiated foreign investment projects in Vietnam with a combined capitalization of US$1.95 billion, ranking it the 18th largest foreign investor in the country.

Ministry of Planning and Investment statistics show Russian investments are mostly focused on processing and manufacturing with 34 projects totaling US$1.1 billion.

The mining industry has attracted 7 projects valued at US$581.2 million, and the real estate industry has lured 3 projects worth US$72.7 million.


Russian businesses have also invested in construction, wholesales, retails, repairs, agriculture, forestry and seafood processing.

Russia has invested in 23 localities, and Binh Dinh province tops the list with 5 projects worth US$1.531 billion, followed by Hanoi with 23 projects capitalized at US$129 million.

Meanwhile, Vietnam has 19 investment projects totaling US$2.47 billion in Russia. The largest is the US$2.02 billion Rusvietpetro joint venture project invested by the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) in Nhenhenxky to explore and exploit oil and gas.

The Hanoi-Moscow Commercial Centre Company, with registered capital of US$190 million, is offering entertainment, hotel and office leasing services in Moscow.

Source: VOV Online