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The RF Signal Detector / Wireless Camera Detector / Cell Phone Detector / Bug Detector applies "digit (numeric) display to show the sensitivity level". With up and down buttons, user knows the sensiti
This model is the newest top quality portable RF bug detector. It can be used to detect and locate hidden transmitters (bugs) in your home, office, or car, and also wireless spy cameras, cellular phon
Laser Camera detector Laser Camera detector, This amazing device can detect the lens of any wired, wireless or covert camera from up to 80 feet away! Simply turn the unit on, look th
Audio Recorder Jammer Product features: stop tape recorder and digital cassette recorder combination of clock remote control, long operation to 3 hours, and weight size of intelligent battery suits t
2G & 3G Cell phone detector (Portable) This new portable 2G & 3G Cell phone detector is made for detecting CDMA 800MHZ、 GSM 900, 1800 MHz & 3G (WCDMA, UMTS) 2100 MHz cell phone. It is the only one of
New Generation SweepTek For 2008! Two Models To Pick from! Detects Both All Types Of Hidden Video Cameras Dead Or Alive And Sweeps A Room for RF Bugs! Can Also Be Used To Detect GPS Trackers On Ve
Mobile Phone Encryptor The Mobile Phone Encryptor is a mobile phone encryptor that provides complete mobile-to-mobile secure voice communication between CRYMOBILE users. The encryption technology
Phone Encryptor The Phone Encryptor is a desktop telephone encryptor that provides complete end-to-end secure voice communication between CRYTEL users over the PSTN. Phone Encryptor allows clear c
Fax Encryptor The Fax Encryptor is a dedicated encryption device that adds a high level of security to your fax communications. Installing between the telephone wall socket and the desktop phone
Interphone Encryptor The Interphone Encryptor is an encryptor for VHF/UHF portable transceiver that provides complete end-to-end secure voice communication between portable transceiver users.
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